• Coach Connect is an online platform connecting students with elite coaches. Students often struggle to find qualified debate instruction, and have limited available time to work on debate. Coach Connect offers world class coaching with flexible scheduling.


    Why Coach Connect?

    In the United States, top debaters work with private coaches to make them more competitive at the highest levels. Private coaching offers individualized instruction so that students are able to work deliberately to improve their skill level. In China, there was no reputable source for high-quality coaches before the launch of Coach Connect. All of Coach Connect's staff have been vetted by the NHSDLC, and have several years of coaching experience.


    For more information about Coach Connect, visit its website here.


  • Our Coaches

    Our coaches have a complete understanding of the fundamental skills required to be a successful debater, from research to persuasion to case and file construction. What sets them apart is their familiarity with debate as a global activity. All of our coaches have worked across linguistic and cultural contexts and have deep familiarity with diverse subject areas.

    Evan Streams

    Columbia University

    Evan Streams has been coaching debate for 8 years. In that time his students have won more than a hundred awards in multiple leagues and styles, including most recently qualifying for the Tournament of Champions in Public Forum. His students have also made it to the finals of the NHSDLC national championship. In high school, he was Connecticut's state champion. He currently coaches at the Dalton School and studies at Columbia University.

    Alexander Parini

    Peking University

    Alexander has over eight years experience competing and coaching US speech and debate. As a competitor, he won and placed at numerous local and regional tournaments at both the high school and collegiate level. This includes receiving top speaker at the IPDA Nationals tournament. he has over two years coaching experience in the United States. His students have won numerous state championship titles including Congressional Debate, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Impromptu.

    Valeryia Liseichykava

    Peking University

    Valeryia has been involved in competitive debating and debate coaching for around 8 years. Competitively, Valeryia's achievements include becoming the champion of Beijing Women's Debate Challenge 2018; grand-finalist of Lviv Open 2017, Beijing Debate Open 2015 & DAPDI 2015; and semi-finalist of McKinsey Debate Cup 2016. Valeryia has also won numerous speaking awards and has been invited to judge and CA various BP tournaments in China.

    Ryan Hund

    University of Southern California

    Ryan Hund is a second-year graduate student at the University of Southern California who has competed and coached debate for 11 years. Competitively, he reached the semifinal round of the Parliamentary Debate Tournament of Champions and has qualified to NSDA Nationals in public forum debate. He has also won numerous individual and team awards in public forum, British Parliamentary, and parliamentary debate. He is also an experienced coach; his students have been champions and finalists at the international division of the Stanford Invitational and have advanced to late elimination rounds at numerous national circuit tournaments. He is currently pursuing his master's degree in Urban Planning and expects to graduate in May 2021.

    Amber Wang

    University of Pennsylvania

    Amber Wang debated for five years in Texas served as Lincoln Douglas Captain for three years at her school. Over her debate career, she has qualified for TFA state, UIL state, NSDA nationals, and the TOC. She has taught at multiple top debate camps including National Symposium for Debate, Texas Debate Collective, and National High School Debate League of China. She currently attends the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is the Spring Tournament Director of the club Penn for Youth Debate. She has extensive experience coaching in both LD and PF and is excited to work with you!