• At the NHSDLC, we believe in the future of debate. As part of our core commitment to developing debate, we work to provide students with access to the high quality staff and curricula which has powered many debaters to success. Online debate tournaments and training provide an excellent opportunity to engage with debaters across China and around the world. We present two online debate offerings: online debate camps and online tournaments. Our online camps make use of all the advantages of virtual tools, including guest lectures from star debate coaches in the United States, small group and individual training and specific, tailored feedback for students, and the opportunity to gain exposure to debate innovations and styles in China and globally. Our online tournaments provide the highest quality judging and engagement with students, making each debate not just an opportunity to compete, but one to improve.



    If you’re interested in one of these opportunities to take your debating to the next level, whether you’re in China or abroad, please read more and reach out to our team: info@nhsdlc.cn

  • DLC Online

    Online Debate Camps

    Online Debate Camps

    May 1-5, 2021

    A virtual session with the same intensity and professionalism students and parents have come to expect from the NHSDLC’s offline debate camps. This initiative was launched to ensure that students have access to high-quality debate instruction while remaining in the comfort and safety of their homes. At camp, students receive direct instruction and comprehensive participate in several practice rounds. Camp teachers include NHSDLC league directors and university debaters from our partner U.S. debate societies, and guest lecturers from the who's who of the debate community in the United States. Students who attend camp see a dramatic improvement in their debate, public speaking, critical thinking, and research abilities.

  • Our Lecturers

    NHSDLC Online is committed to providing lectures from top-level global debate talent. Here are some of the guest lecturers we’ve had in the past:

    Anthony Berryhill

    B.A Stanford University

    Ph.D Yale University

    Anthony Berryhill has 24 years of debate experience. Anthony has coached multiple national and state champions in the US. Most recently Anthony was named the 2018 "America's Greatest Thinker" by winning the national Great American Think-Off, a national annual written and oral debate philosophy competition. As a coach Anthony specializes in contemporary critical theory, strategic case writing/construction, argument analysis, refutation (esp. re: kritiks) and the psychology of debate strategy.

    Joanne Park

    Columbia University


    Joanne Park debated Lincoln-Douglas for four years at Archbishop Mitty High School. She was captain of LD her sophomore and junior years and co-president of speech and debate her senior year. She is a CSU Long Beach finalist and third speaker, Presentation octafinalist and second speaker, Presentation RR finalist, Glenbrooks Double octafinalist, and College Prep champion, qualifying to the TOC her senior year. She has received invites to the Presentation, Apple Valley, and Lake Highland Round Robins. Joanne most enjoys debating policy and kritik style arguments.

    Lindsay Williams

    Stanford University


    Lindsey Williams debated for four years at Sprague High School in Salem, Oregon. During that time, she reached out rounds at a number of top tournaments on the west coast. She also won and took top speaker at numerous local tournaments, including three state championships in IEs. As of writing this, she has qualified three times to NSDA Nationals and once to the TOC, making her the second student in her school's history to do so; prior to graduation, she served as captain of the Sprague debate team and designed the curriculum for local debate seminars, coaching both progressive and traditional LD.

    Pacy Yan

    New York University


    Pacy Yan debated Lincoln-Douglas for four years at Stuyvesant High School, qualifying to the TOC her senior year. Throughout her career, Pacy has reached the bid round at Blake (twice), Newark (twice), Lexington (twice), Harvard, Penn (walkover), Yale, Emory, Columbia, and Glenbrooks, receiving bids at Lex and Newark. Pacy has received speaker awards at Yale, Blake, Scarsdale, Newark, Ridge, Columbia, and Lexington.

    Jacob Nails

    Georgia State University


    Jacob Nails debated for 4 years for Starr's Mill High School (GA) in Lincoln Douglas debate, graduating in 2012. As a competitor, he won the Georgia state tournament, cleared at NSDA nationals, and qualified to the TOC. In college, he qualified twice to the National Debate Tournament in policy debate. Jacob has 7 years of experience coaching LD debate, including coaching debaters to top seed at the TOC, as well as Top Speaker awards at Harvard, Yale, and Bronx.


  • Camp Schedule

    Here is a sample schedule, intended to give debaters a sense of the depth and breadth of our training program.

    Teams from our online camps have done very well in tournaments the following season, including placing as high as semifinals in NHSDLC regional tournaments. We believe that the targeted preparation and work in small groups provides an unquestioned boost to student’s performance.