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    Using this Textbook

    The aim of this textbook is to guide debaters towards successful debate strategies. In many cases the best argument or best way to make a rebuttal can be a matter of personal preference. This book contains a guide to some of the most common debate arguments. Students should feel free to come up with their own material as they improve and become more confident in their debate ability.


    When reading this book, the separate chapters can be treated as sections of a tool kit. Students can start at the beginning of the book and work their way to the back. They can also pick a chapter on a skill they feel the need to improve, and work their way through that chapter. Each chapter is made up of three parts; the essential vocabulary, a short summary explaining what the chapter is about, and the content of the chapter itself. It may be helpful to work through sections of the book with the help of a partner or as a small group.


    After the final chapter, the textbook contains an appendix with extensive additional materials

    including short lessons about general topics related to debate and some additional examples not

    included in the chapters. The appendix also contains some new debate drills that students are

    encouraged to work through if they want to work on specific skills.


    The appendix of this book also contains a glossary of debate terms, which can be consulted if there is uncertainty about the definition of a specific debate related word. The words in the glossary can also be found in the essential vocabulary of each chapter.