• Work With Us

    To Continue our Mission of Growing Competitive Debate in Mainland China

    League Co-Director

    Organize Tournaments, Coach Students, and Travel Around China to Bring Debate to New Frontiers

    • Preferred start date in July of  2021.
    • Based in Beijing, with frequent travel around China. 
    • Must have extensive prior competitive debate or coaching experience, a bachelors-level university degree, and a native-level command of English.
    • Benefits include salary, housing allowance, free health insurance, annual bonus, and about 5 weeks of paid holiday.
    • Let us know you're interested in more information by filling out this short form.
  • What Our Coaches Do

    Fostering the Next Generation of Debate Nerds in China

    Traveling to 15 Cities Each Year to Spread Debate

    Since 2012, we helped grow English language debate in China from a small circle of 20 elite foreign language schools into a national community of 450 high schools.

    • When you think of China, often mega-cities like Beijing and Shanghai come to mind. Yet China has more than 150 cities with a million or more people. These vibrant, dynamic, and historically significant "Tier 2 and 3" cities are the heart of China's debate community. Yet many of these cities lack local debate organizers or in-school coaches. We send our coaches to teach guest workshops and lectures at these schools to help fill that gap.
    • Sometimes this takes the form of making the case for debate and explaining why debate will change your life in front of a group of 300+ students. Other times, it's doing a rigorous topic analysis session with a veteran group of 15 debaters. Other times still, it's meeting with principals and school administrators to advocate for the activity.

    Running Tournaments

    Where It Makes a Difference

    • We've run tournaments in 45 different cities in China, in almost every province in the country. When we run tournaments, we bring a carefully selected group of professional event managers, debate coaches, and judge managers. By bringing a professional team of tournament administrators to each tournament, we're able to run tournaments on time and run more tournaments each year than any organization in Asia.
    • Our coaches often tab the tournaments in the regions where they helped teams get started up only a few months beforehand. After helping teams get started up, coaches are able to see students go from harboring only a casual interest in debate to competitive teams with a deep commitment to the activity.

    Coaching Students

    During the Summer and Winter Breaks

    • Our work also includes the depth associated with a traditional coaching role, helping students prepare for important tournaments. Our coaches often teach the most challenging labs at our summer and winter camps, and each year we coach our top students who travel with us to the Stanford and Harvard tournaments.
    • Our coaches also serve as coaches from afar: each semester, the sample cases, research packet, and advice articles that we write reach tens of thousands of students and help them navigate few topics and new tournament experiences.
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