• Winter 2022 Programs

    • Teaching by well-known teachers and elite overseas

    Our debate instructors are from the debate teams of Ivy League schools, which include Princeton, Yale, and Harvard. It’s not a small challenge to get into The Ivy League, and entering its debate team is even harder. You need to go through a brutal process, and only a small number of the most outstanding debaters can make it. Then, NHSDLC will select the best debaters from this group to come to China as our summer debate camp coaches. They are not only students at the top universities in the United States, but also some of the best debaters in the world.


    • Get high intensity debate instruction and experience an American university classroom

    During this stressful week, students will get more than 20 hours of debate coaching in small classes and practice debates. These specialized courses are tailored for debaters, who, with sufficient instruction, can immediately apply these skills in mock debates. Debaters who have attended the camp have said that they sharply improved their debating skills, public speaking, critical thinking, and recall skills.


    There are also a lot of interesting electives in the camp, which include social psychology, AP economics, and new energy for sustainable development. Instructors may even share their application process to Harvard and their campus life experiences.


    • Improve your ability and warm up for the Harvard and Stanford International Invitational Tournaments


    The winter training camp is also the warm-up camp for Harvard and Stanford International Invitational Tournaments. Students will improve their debate knowledge and improve their oral expression and critical thinking ability in the training, so as to be fully prepared for the next national competition. Many of the debaters who attended the debate camp have achieved excellent results in the following competitions.

    China Camps

    Christmas camp in Beijing December 26 - January 1
    Winter camp in Beijing,January 22 - January 28
    Winter camp in Shanghai I,February 5 - February 11


    Christmas camp and winter camp are American debate training camps with comprehensive planning that combines courses, practical training, and fun activities, providing students with high intensity and fast-paced debate training. Before the start of the training camp, the tutor will divide the class into 10 to 14 student groups, according to the test results of each student. The instructors are the foreign and famous debaters, and they will utilize their rich debate and teaching skills to bring an excellent experience to each student.


    The winter camp is not only a short-term training program to improve debating skills, but also a warm-up for the upcoming Harvard and Stanford invitational tournaments. While improving their debate knowledge, students will also improve their oral presentation and critical thinking ability quickly in the training, making them fully prepared for the following international competition.


    2022 NHSDLC Winter Online Camp

    February 5 -- February 11 (the debate topics are the same as Harvard/Stanford)


    After careful improvement and optimization of the offline camp, NHSDLC online Training camp does not only continue the quality of the course, but also has many unique advantages:


    • Replayable teaching videos: debaters can replay the teaching and training video to better understand and digest the information.

    • More flexible schedule: tutors can flexibly schedule their sessions with students, allowing them to communicate one-on-one in real time

    • No space limitation: the debaters will learn at their own pace and in a manner that suits them best

    • Communication with world-class mentors: The instructors will share their unique debating experiences and top-notch advice and knowledge

    • Small class size: eight students per class and six study hours per day

    • Features: adopt offline training camp's features and give students more opportunities to interact with the instructor one-on-one

    • Based on instructors’ rich debating experience and teaching experience, they will offer a wonderful course for each student. Students can improve their knowledge of debating, oral expression, and critical thinking skills through the training.